BigBucket Margarita Lite

America's Favorite Bucket...Just got Lite

BigBucket Margarita Lite contains an authentic recipe of premium lemon and lime juice with essential citrus oils blended together in a unique formula that creates a perfectly refreshing frozen or chilled Margarita.

*Featuring the exclusive Dispensa-Rita® spout for chilled margaritas ANYTIME!

*Pop BigBucket Lite container in the refrigerator for the perfect Margarita on the rocks,INSTANTLY


*Pop BigBucket Lite container in the freezer, for a delightful frozen Margarita

*By simply adding one 750 ml bottle of tequila, you get nearly one gallon of finished Margarita

  • BigBucket Orders:  BigBucket can only be purchased in full cases. The price below is for one full case of 6 BigBuckets.
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