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228 - Red Sangria MixRed Sangria Mix
Add a Splash of Fruit to Your Cocktail
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White Sangria Mix

What could possibly be better than a nice glass of white wine? Try a nice glass of white wine infused with a tantalizing combination of refreshing fruit juices and served over the rocks! Finest Call White Sangria Mix features banana juice, peach juice, grape juice, lemon juice, lime juice and pear juice, all blended to perfection and designed to create a heavenly white wine cocktail!

• Simply add 1 part mix to 2 parts white wine for an exquisite sangria experience

• Convenient and easy to serve by the glass or the pitcher


»Color: light yellow to orange translucent color

»Flavor: A light and fresh citrus pleasant aroma. Distinct peach and white grape juice flavor with hints of pear and banana. When made up with white wine, the product has a crisp white wine finish.

»Shelf Life: Unopened - 24 months / Opened - 12 months refrigerated, 3 months unrefrigerated
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